Personal Branding Site Completed!

Our latest project just completed is a personal brand website / blog. This site, provides some great background and samples of work of an expert in bringing marketing and finance together to solve business problems.

This site was set up using as a basis. The client wanted to showcase his PowerPoint presentations but not allow anyone to be able to print or download them. This was easily accomplished and the completed site provides a great professional overview of the client’s services. Social media links to LinkedIn and Twitter were also provided. The entire project took less than two weeks from start to finish, including a hands-on training session, with written cheat sheets provided, so that the client could now add posts and additional material on his own.

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Another Site is Up and Running!

We have completed a prototype site for a trekking guide in Northern India. This site, will provide information about different trips all over the Himalayan region and display a contact form to ask questions and get more information about upcoming trips. One of the benefits of this site design is that it provides an opportunity to showcase pictures from actual treks in this part of the world.

This prototype was set up in just a number of days, once we had the basic requirements from the client. Based on feedback from this prototype, we will expand the site to best meet the client’s needs. Social media links to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, can be easily added and is another great strategy to keep clientele updated and drive more traffic to your site.

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Our Non-Profit Site is Complete!

Our first non-profit site,, is complete and ready for public launch. This site, called, is dedicated to educating and communicating with the prison / corrections world.

Its stated mission is to be the online forum where all individuals, trade organizations and political entities actively involved or impacted in the corrections systems can meet to air their opinions, concerns, ideas, and recommendations aimed at system reform and improved rehabilitation of inmates, all directed to reduce recidivism rates and optimize staff work environments at minimized cost to taxpayers. Input from related law enforcement and judicial entities, inmates and inmate families, as well as the general public are to be encouraged. By adding a Twitter widget to this site, the number of visitors is growing daily as topical tweets drive traffic to

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